OfficeMax try to show that everything is beautiful around them. Shame? OfficeMax does not have such words in their

You will see later on in many examples, which will be printed on book forms, how OfficeMax manages their wrongful doings.
Most of these materials will be provided by those people who have deeper knowledge about OfficeMax - HR little dirty
secrets. Pictures will not lie.
OfficeMax policy: if you survived an OfficeMax harassment and you still able to breathe, then you are just fine because you
are still able to walk and breathe.
Conclusion: the crime is not strong enough in this case, but they are free to harass
people if they like to do so. Hitler pictures, hatred characters, verbal abuses such as foreigner, gay, sexual harasser,
gypsy, psycho, etc. - Appears OfficeMax has the rights to do this kind of crimes. - OfficeMax knows how to handle their
criminal actions. It is not the first and it will be not the last. It is a shame that this kind of racial behavior still can be done in
today's society, and in many cases these kinds of criminals able to walk away with their criminal acts. - But it will be not the
same at this time - it may will take a little longer - but they will have a lesson from their wrong deeds. (it is about as I was
harassed by OfficeMax)

“After he gone we make his life miserable, we will call every corporations and we make sure he never get a job!”
"He is just a foreigner, he is nobody", "He better watch out don’t hit by a car!" by OfficeMax.
"You need to tell everything to the HR and the OMax lawyers, and than you don't need to worry anymore, because he is a
good lawyer and he will take care of it, no matter what." by OfficeMax to their associates. - Doesn't matter how big it is in
this case OMax crime because they has the privileges to do so. If you have evidences or witnesses forget it, nobody will
care about it in your case.
Tell the truth and run if you like to save your life.
- It is good to know that they are screening
my phone calls. XY, thank you for your

Office Max freak out!
Below you will see some other FANTASTIC deals by OfficeMax.

At high noon on Tuesday, January 8 2008 a highly trained forest crime scene unit arrived at OfficeMax in San Francisco to
investigate. OfficeMax has been under suspicion for some time - ever since their paper products were traced to clearcut
forests in the Grassy Narrows traditional territory. The Rainforest Action Network investigators arrived at OfficeMax and
found that indeed, OfficeMax is selling paper products sourced from the Grassy Narrows traditional territory.

Once the stolen paper products were identified at OfficeMax and confirmed to be stolen from Grassy Narrows against the
will of the community, investigators handed OfficeMax employees a Citation, and proceeded to the front of the store to rope
off the crime scene.

Investigators also made sure to let passers-by know that their local OfficeMax location is selling paper products stolen from
Indigenous territory.

On January 30, 2008 Forest Crime Scene Units all over the United States and Canada will be investigating OfficeMax and
Grand & Toy stores searching for paper products stolen from Grassy Narrows. Contact
Annie for more information and
materials for your local Forest Crimes Unit.
A horrible experience

A review by shopper91401 written on Apr 5, 2007

What an awful, horrible experience! I wish I read the reviews on OfficeMax before I placed my order. Boy have I learned my

Besides having inaccurate and misleading information on their website, I encountered totally unhelpful customer service

But, believe it or not, that's not what this complaint is about...

The topper to this absolutely horrible experience is that I'm very darn sure that OfficeMax gave or sold my telephone
number to a junk fax spammer. Exactly two days after I order a fax machine from OfficeMax, my home telephone started
ringing between 6:00am and 10:00am EVERY DAY. I have a number just for faxes, but OfficeMax doesn't have that number
so now on weekends we are treated to the telltale incoming-fax beeping noise waking us up before the sun comes up and
on weekdays, our answering machine takes daily messages containing nothing but beeps.

Am I being paranoid? I think not! It seems to be way to too much of a coincidence that exactly two days after I order a fax
machine from OfficeMax, we start getting junk fax calls everyday.

Even if they were not doing anything illegal, why would they want to be so awful to their customers? I have placed many
orders with office supply companies and have never had even 1/100th of the irritation I experienced with OfficeMax.

I will NEVER, and I mean NEVER, buy from this retailer again!
by miabella707, November 18, 2007  

Office Max has a very bad reputation for misleading information. This methodology of theirs is called "FALSE
ADVERTISEMENT", and is against the law. They mislead clients with false advertising TO GET THEM TO their stores or
online store with false PRICES. FOR EXAMPLE: Announcing on a price that when you click will take you to
the exact item priced $100 or more dollars on top of the advertised price. I will surely get my word of mouth around. They
did not even have the decensy to honor the advertised price for me ALTHOUGH I PRINTED THE PAGE as proof.
I have placed a report on them with the Bureau false advertising! The worst reputation for a company is bad word of mouth!
I think should ban this type of seller!

I would not shop here again  
Terrible return procedures, most items not returnable to store, "5-day pickup window"
A review by hansonerica written on Jan 12, 2008

I had ordered a $400 software program from Office, but the CD was defective. I had supposed I could return it to
a store, which is why I Office Max with Brick & Mortar over someone like Amazon, but the item was 'not returnable' to a
store, or only at store's discretion and I quote "if the store feels like it". Customer Service could not even give me a specific
pickup date, but only a "five day pickup window", starting in 3 days. I was going on vacation in two days, however was told
they could not extend the pickup dates past the 14 day return window. I was then instructed to call to ask if the local Office
Max would accept a pickup 'for me' in a few days. When I called,the store said that 'it would be complicated' since they use
DHL and uses FedEx. The store told me to phone the local distribution center, where suddenly and
miraculously someone found a way to schedule a deferred pickup on a specific day, apparently waiving the 14 day return. I
will never again use, and have been soured to their brick and mortar business through this disjointed and
ridiculous 20th century return experience.
I would not shop here again
WORST place to SHOP
by asdf3422345, March 20, 2008  

again and again Office Max has failed to meet any customer service or purchase service. DO NOT SHOP HERE unless you
want a 20 day late delivery. It's appalling how they only care about money and themselves.

I would not shop here again  
Laptop Lock, Office Chair Breaks, OfficeMax reported to BBB, OMax Assurance not honoring warranty, Extended Warranty,
Return Policy Not Honored, DVD Writer, File Cabinet, HOT, Warranty, HOT1, OMax, HOT2. MINORITY and other related
facts, HERE (2003-2008), RipoffReport, Ripoff, Hall of shame. Criminal Law, Expert Law.
Quote of the day by OfficeMax (if you are a little darker, and these kind of customers - Arab, India, Spanish, etc. - show
up at OMax)
"here are coming your brothers and sisters, ...". All of these materials will be included  in my published book,
and many other unbelievable OMax stories. It mainly will be detailed about how I was harassed by OMax. It will be a true
horror like story. Prior of my book release it may be an excited national TV news. - by an OfficeMax survivor.
- This OfficeMax is dying.  My boyfriend and I went there, sat in some chairs, and then came back a few hours later to buy a
chair.  It was out of stock, and we had to stand around for over 30 mins while they special-ordered it.  I asked them if I could
just pay for it and leave, but that was apparently disallowed.  They are severely understaffed, and one sweet but frantic
woman was handling all the customers, while one guy was on break and her manager stood there keeping an eye on a
shoplifter.  The manager had a ginormous attitude, and didn't treat the other folks all too well.   
- See?  All we wanted was a chair, and instead we had nothing better to do than observe the retail drama.
Go somewhere else. -
Beth B./ Oakland, CA
Forest Crime Scene
Unit Investigates
Watch out on OfficeMax ...
(After as they done the damage and
the profit?!)
Amnesty International welcomes the announcement that multinational paper
company Boise Inc/ OfficeMax will stop purchasing wood fiber from the traditional
territory of the Grassy Narrows First Nation until that community
has given its consent to logging.
Watch out on OfficeMax for your own safety.
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